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October 10, 2018 2:00 PM

Roadway Maintenance on Bellaire Blvd. at Auden

URETEK USA, Inc. (Contractor) will be working along Bellaire Boulevard at the Auden Street intersection to approximately 180 feet west of Auden Street. The maintenance will be performed at night time in efforts to reduce the impact to traffic along the roadway and will assist in the repair process. The night time working hours will be from 9 PM thru 5 AM and maintenance is expected to take place between 3-4 nights beginning October 11,2018 to October 13,2018 and from October 15,2018 to October 17, 2018.

The process will start with traffic control being setup on Bellaire Boulevard,in which two (2) lanes will be closed and one (1) lane will remain open to traffic. The Contractor will have a box truck enter inside the closed lanes and will begin by using a drill to create small holes into the concrete paving. Stabilizing material will then be injected into these small holes along the designated roadway area. This process should be completed within the first hour of crews being on site. After the injections of the stabilizing material, the roadway will be monitored to lift the concrete roadway in effort to remove dips that have formed in this location of the roadway. After the lifting has taken place, traffic control will be removed and traffic and traffic will be returned to all lanes. This process will then be repeated until all lanes on both the east and west bound lanes have been lifted. The City of Southside Place Police will be monitoring the area for traffic and any noise created by the contractor during this process. Southside Place employees have observed this work by Uretek at another site in Houston and have monitored any noise levels.

If there are any questions about the maintenance process or noise before or during the work,please feel free to call and contact the City of Southside Place offices or Police Department at 713-668-2341.

For project related contacts,the City of Southside Place and Contractor's Emergency contact information is below:

Uretek USA, Inc.
Tony Govea, Supervisor

City of Southside Place
Steven Kenney, Public Works Director

City of Southside Place
Police Department
713 668-2341

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