Water and Waste Water

Southside Place Public Works

The City of Southside Place Public Works Department is responsible for many aspects of the city, including maintenance and upkeep of city facilities, grounds, streets, sanitation and recycle collection, drinking water and sewer systems. 

Southside Place Water Works

The drinking water system supplies potable water as well as providing the same water for fire protection and suppression. The city employs groundwater operators specifically trained and licensed through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) as required for potable water system operations. The water supplied to the city is a mixture of well water from a city-owned well and treated surface water purchased from the City of Houston. The water is mixed in the ground storage tanks prior to being pumped into the distribution system. This water and the distribution system, the systems that conveys the water to the customers, are monitored continuously to ensure that they meet all applicable federal and state standards for drinking water.

About the System

The drinking water system consists of pumping, storage, and distribution facilities. The pumping facilities include one (1) well and two (2) booster pumps. The storage consist of two (2) ground storage tanks and two (2) pressure tanks. The distribution system consists of approximately 4.5 miles of buried piping, 44 main valves, 35 fire hydrants, and 564 water meters. 

Southside Place Wastewater/Sewer System

The City of Southside Place wastewater system, or the sanitary sewer system collects all of the sewer from the residential and business areas. The sewer flows to pumping stations and then is pumped to and into the wastewater plant. The city employs wastewater operators specifically trained and licensed through Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) which regulates all facets of the sanitary sewer operations and maintenance. The sanitary sewer system includes a 0.3 million gallon per day treatment plant, 3 sanitary sewer pump stations and approximately 5 miles of sanitary sewer collection piping.


If you experience any problems with your drinking water or sewer or if you notice any problem with these around the city, please call the Public Works Department at 713-668-2341 to report any issues. Public Works employees will be dispatched to the location by public safety personnel.