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Women's Civic Club meets on the second Wednesday of each month. September through May at 10:00 a.m. at the ClubHouse. Babysitting is available.

By the early 1940’s many families had discovered that this delightful city was the perfect place to raise their children. The park was an added attraction, but many mothers were concerned about the need for supervision there. They learned that the Park Board did not have funds to have this done, so in the early part of 1945 about thirty mothers met to discuss this situation. Each mother agreed to supervise one day a month. This was a good idea, but it soon became apparent that a chairman was needed — someone to jog memories and see that the job was done. Betty Wilson fell heir to this position. Within a few months, it was decided that more park and community activities could be accomplished if the group organized into a club.

November 7, 1945, at the home of Betty Wilson, the Southside Women’s Civic Club was formed with a membership of 23. This Club, with the object of promoting park activities in the community, would be open to all Southside women and meetings would be held in the homes of members. In lieu of dues, a box would be passed around and each member could contribute whatever she wished.

The club’s interest quickly spread beyond park activities, In early 1946 the group undertook the sponsorship of a Girl Scout troop which continued for years. They also sponsored a square dance group with Mr. Preston Plumb as volunteer teacher. Among early concerns was the open ditch which bordered Southside on the East; a health hazard which the Civic Club felt should be covered.

The Southside Carnival received a real boost when the Club participated in the Spring of 1947. Since then they have taken a vital part in providing food and entertainment for that annual affair.

The project for 1947 was the chlorination of the pool by new methods. The latter part of the year the club planned a spaghetti supper to celebrate the completion of paving in Southside Place.

September of 1948, they held their first meeting in the newly remodeled clubhouse and began raising money to refurnish it. A committee was formed to see that the clubhouse was kept stocked with necessary supplies, and an annual clean up day was instituted.

They also began plans to raise money for a sidewalk around the swimming pool; this was completed in early 1950.

About this time, the Club decided that their two annual fund raising events would be a book review and a games party. One is held in October, the other in February. Mrs. Doris Crenshaw gave the first book review: Lloyd C. Douglas “The Big Fisherman”. Games and parties were held at the Carnation

Milk Plant until a new and larger Clubhouse was built.

Civil Defense was on everyone’s mind in 1951, so the Club’s project was to help equip Southside through education and First Aid Courses. It was also in this year that the first directory of Southside Place was published.

Mrs. Robert Wilson agreed to serve as the first President, Mrs. P. R. Plumb as Vice President and Mrs. Jack Culberson as Secretary-Treasurer. Mrs. Russell Hansen was appointed to obtain helpful park information from the City of Houston Recreation Department.

Charter members were:

Mrs. J. O. Jackson         Mrs. R. N. Henry
Mrs. Douglas Blair          Mrs. C. T. James
Mrs. Rex Clawson          Mrs. George Kingelin
Mrs. R. A. Cochran        Mrs. W. M. Merritt
Mrs. Donald Cook          Mrs. M. E. Peters
Mrs. Jack Culbertson     Mrs. Jack Plumb
Mrs. H. J. Derivan         Mrs. A. L. Raesener
Mrs. B. H. Estess          Miss Lois Reed (Teas)
Mrs. J. A. French          Mrs. H. G. Twymar
Mrs. E. R. Funk             Mrs. George Thompson
Mrs. C. A. Jowsky         Mrs. Robert Wilson
Mrs. Russell Hansen

This directory contained names and addresses of all residents, names and ages of all children, and each man’s place of business. Also included were the bylaws of the park, pool and tennis court rules, and information on the various Civic Organizations. The dedication inside the first directory reads:

Dedicated to: GLENN J. MILLER

“Major-domo of the City of Southside Place, Texas, from the time it was first just a real estate development of the late E. L. Cram in the early 1920’s, to the present time — 1951.

That is a long period, but OUR Glenn has been the Number One Citizen all these years — first as a salesman of bald, undeveloped lots for Mr. Cram, then as a builder, next as a collector of payments due and finally, for the past twenty odd years, as City Superintendent — doing everything for everybody in our unique village — and without fanfare or a desire for publicity!!!”

In 1956 the first annual coffee at the home of Roxie Richardson, was given to welcome newcomers and interest them in the Club. It was at this time the Club published its first Year Book. The aim of the Club was given as promotion of good fellowship and participation in Civic responsibilities. Their projects were and are:

Improvement and upkeep of clubhouse
Active participation in Southside Place Carnival
To extend courtesy to bereaved families of Southside Place
Monthly help to the Children’s division of the
Tuberculosis Hospital and Waldrop Sanitarium
To publish an updated directory every two years

In 1960 the frame clubhouse was torn down and a new one built on the site. Furnishings for the Clubrooms and kitchen were badly needed, so the club took this on as a project. Kitchen showers helped equip the kichen. Working with the Garden Club they furnished and decorated the Women’s Clubroom.

The Park Board decided in 1962 to publish a monthly bulletin, and for a time the Club stood the expense of printing the “Southsider”. Club members Mildred Terrell and Harriett Bevil served as editors for that publication.

Mrs. C. H. Broussard       Mrs. G. W. Sanders
Mrs. J. G. Cafcalas         Mrs. T. H. Golden
Mrs. W. W. Andrews       Mrs. B. H. Bradley
Mrs. E. E. Ezell              Mrs. Bill Carter
Mrs. J. C. Williams          Mrs. Jerry Herring
Mrs. W. F. Rickards        Mrs. D. L. Meine

November of 1962, Southside had its first evening of theatre. “See How They Run” was staged in the Clubhouse by the Bellaire Theatre Guild. The combined Clubs of Southside sponsored this event — Civic Club, Garden Club, Men’s Club and Park Association, — and our own Marie Pearsall directed it. This social event was such a success that the groups sponsored plays for several years.

After a devastating house fire in 1969, the Club instituted a new policy: “In case of tragic circumstances among Southsiders, if the need arises, the officers are authorized to spend a maximum of $25.00 of Club funds to meet emergencies, without consent of the entire membership”.

A “Santa Workshop”, begun in November of 1969, has become an annual affair where members make delightful stuffed toys which are donated to the children in the Pediatric Department of Ben Taub Hospital.

A Bicentennial project involving the whole community was the creation of a Southside Place Quilt. Mrs. Seth Young and Mrs. L. L. Hill, the co-chairwomen, invited each family to contribute a square with their name on it. There were 250

families who participated and the variety was delightful. Club members met on Tuesday and Thursday for several months and enjoyed an old fashioned Quilting Bee; the finished product hangs in the Women’s Clubroom for all to see.

This club, an informal one in which members enjoy fellowship with one another, has also worked hard and contributed greatly to the growth of Southside Place.

Those who have led the Club as President are:

Mrs. Robert Wilson        Mrs. B. L. Richardson
Mrs. Jack Culberson      Mrs. S. Donald Cook
Mrs. Jack Garnett         Mrs. R. C. Wilkins
Mrs. L. H. Creasy          Mrs. R. D. Hendrickson
Mrs. Walter Bradburn     Mrs. O. S. Ferguson
Mrs. L. A. Schumucker   Mrs. W. F. Rickards
Mrs. J. C. Dunne           Mrs. D. L. Meine
Mrs. W. F. Rickards       Mrs. R. I. Wallace

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