Basic Recycling Steps for Southside Place Resident

Please find below several tips concerning our recycling policy:

Wednesday is RECYCLING DAY.

Please place items curbside by 8:00 A.M.

All recycles must be placed in paper bags (grocery or other paper). Recyclables will be collected rain or shine.

WET paper is collected. Recyclables do not need to be sorted. However, aluminum seperation is appreciated.

1: PAPER- Clean paper of all types except waxed containers maybe recycled. This includes newspaper with inserts, all other paper (glossy, non-glossy, envelopes with or without windows, chipboard, paper bags, etc. ) and corrugated cardboard.

All types of paper may be commingled in the same bag. All boxes must be broken down and flattened. Large boxes do not need to be bagged.

2: RIGID CONTAINERS- Colored and clear glass, all plastics, and aluminum/bi-metal cans may be recycled. All types of containers may be commingled in the same bag. All containers should be rinsed, but labels need not be removed.